I’ve been lucky to often find myself at the center of big shifts in the media landscape over the past 24 years—from the beginnings of the web and the birth of social media to the reinvention of “television” in the streaming era. As such, I’ve gotten to manage and lead outside of any one particular box—across strategy, creative, media, and tech for some pretty awesome companies doing some pretty disruptive things (which you can read more about on my LinkedIN profile). TL;DR: I love emerging media and this page has some of the trends that I think, write, and speak about.

Check out my coverage of the confluence of marketing, emerging media, and culture (including the metaverse) on my Forrester blog page.


My thoughts on Elon Musk and Twitter.

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My thoughts on the Streaming Wars and Disney+



Below are some articles I’ve written over the past few years:

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I’m also a regular on-air guest during NECN’s morning news show for their (new) 3-5 minute #TechTuesday segment:

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In 2012, I published Social TV – a book about the convergence of social media + mobile + television:


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